Wednesday, March 5, 2014

General Update

Well - it certainly hasn't been a rosey ride as long as I can remember...  NFL was tremendously frustrating and NBA, once again, has gone awful this year (last year was terrible too).  I find myself very conflicted since I do feel a strong passion to compete with the book and think I can beat it but at the same time I'm juggling a million things in my life and I think I've been less than honest with myself.  I have been doing much less work than needed to keep this a profitable venture and that just isn't acceptable.

The lack of time to put in the work to perform better coupled with some changes in my life on a professional level I've decided to take a pause on the daily volume and updates to the site.  I might choose to bet a game here and there regardless but I am not going to do it religiously as I have the last year and a half.  Once baseball season starts, I might come back as that's always been my best season so would hate to miss it but a lot will depend on what else is going on in my life and if I have the time to devote to it.

I'm going to update my stats for the last bunch of days I've not tallied as of yet, update overall statistics and details and put the effort on pause.  Quite likely this is the last post until MLB season at the earliest.

Anyone who's spent some time following, I appreciate your interest.  I hope to be back live here at some point in the future.  Good luck!


Wednesday, March 5th, 2014

Yesterday's Net:
Week's Total:

Recap posting.

Daily Picks [NBA]

WIZARDS/Jazz 198.5o 1.1-->1 L
NETS/Grizzlies 189o 1.1-->1 W
Grizzlies -1 vs NETS 1.1-->1 L
PISTONS/Bulls 192.5o 1.1-->1 W
PISTONS +3.5 vs Bulls 1.1-->1 L
BUCKS +3 vs Kings 1.1-->1 L
NUGGETS +4.5 vs Mavericks 1.1--> 1 W
NUGGETS/Mavericks 216.5u 1.1-->1 L

Daily Results;
3-5, 38%

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Tuesday, March 4th, 2014

Yesterday's Net:
Week's Total:

Daily Picks [NBA]

PACERS/Warriors 196.5o 1.1-->1 L
CAVALIERS/Spurs 203u 1.1-->1 L
Sixers +20.5 vs THUNDER 1.1-->1 L
THUNDER/Sixers 219.5u 1.1-->1 W
ROCKETS/Heat 211.5u 1.1-->1 W
SUNS/Clippers 219.5u 1.1-->1 W

Daily Results;
3-3, 50%

Monday, March 3, 2014

Monday, March 3rd, 2014

Yesterday's Net:
Week's Total:

Late posting.

Daily Picks [NBA]

WIZARDS/Grizzlies 190o 1.1-->1 W
Bulls +3.5 vs NETS 1.1-->1 L
NETS/Bulls 186.5o 1.1-->1 L
Knicks +4.5 vs PISTONS 1.1-->1 L
Bobcats +12.5 vs HEAT 1.1-->1 L
BUCKS -1 vs Jazz 1.1-->1 W
BUCKS/Jazz 196o 1.1-->1 W
BLAZERS/Lakers 222u 1.1-->1 W
KINGS -4 vs Pelicans 1.1-->1 W
KINGS/Pelicans 204.5o 1.1-->1 L

Daily Results;
5-5, 50%

Sunday, March 2nd, 2014

Yesterday's Net:
Week's Total:

Recap.  Never posted.

Daily Picks [NBA]

RAPTORS +2 vs Warriors 1.1-->1 W
PACERS/Jazz 189.5o 1.1-->1 L
SPURS/Mavericks 210.5u 1.1-->1 L
Bobcats +9.5 vs THUNDER 1.1-->1 L
THUNDER/Bobcats 204u 1.1-->1 L
SUNS/Hawks 216u 1.1--> 1 L
BULLS/Knicks 186o 1.1-->1 W

Daily Results;
2-5, 29%